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Shelvie Jeans is a trendy boutique on the Square in Covington, GA.  Judy Hernandez has opened two shops here in town for two separate demographics. Other locations have included  Milledgeville and soon to open in Augusta.


You will learn about entrepreneurship, brand development, franchising and more. Let us know what your focus needs to be at this location and we can guide the shop owner to cover what your  group's interests are.

Do you want to learn about starting a small boutique business

and what it takes to be consistently on the cutting edge of fashion? 

*This stop is better suited for the older students and adult tour groups.


Cost for tour is $5 per person for a 30 minute boutique fashion tour.

Tour Capacity:

The boutique tour can accommodate up to  25  people

Tour Length:

The boutique tour can be 25-45 minutes. Longer times allowed

for a specialized tour.

* An excellent "Round Robin Tour" location.

Shop Location:

Shelvie Jeans is located on the Square in Covington.

1140 Monticello St SW, Covington, GA 30014

****This tour option is subject to availability!






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